I love this Social Media user: NHS

October 29, 2010 by Sarah Legg

The Nebraska Humane Society is an excellent example of how to utilize social media, and how to do it well.

On their home page they have included multiple ways to engage uses: Donate buttons, email newsletter sign-up, links to social network profiles such as Facebook and Twitter for adoptable cats, various ways to share the page, user login and more.

Through Facebook, NHS has invited adopters to show pictures of new family members and post their own photos of adoptable animals. They also post “real-time” photos of on location events where they are with adoptable dogs, such as the Omaha Nighthawks indoor football game. They have received tons of participation through Facebook, with multiple friends adding photos and commenting on posts.

NHS has developed a two-part approach to Twitter: A main Twitter handle (@NEHumaneSociety) and one for their adoptable cats (@NHSCats). Not only do they use Twitter to promote events, adoptable animals, and links to the website, they also post fun facts about animals, link to stories about adoptions, and constantly respond to mentions.

Another fun usage of social media by Nebraska Humane Society includes their YouTube channel.  They post music videos about adoptable animals, adoptions, random facts, and more. Check out this fun “Livin’ on a Prayer” video about Biaggi, the neglected dog.

This approach, combined with traditional marketing tactics like event sponsorships, has helped this non-profit adopt out thousands of animals in 2010, and with the addition of a new Spay & Neuter center in 2011, decrease the number of homeless pets in Omaha and around the Midwest. Keep up the good work, I love what you do and how you’re doing it!

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