Personal Branding and the DREK model

February 10, 2011 by Sarah Legg

Now is the best time to establish your own personal brand, especially with the continued growth of the internet and social networking. How do you want to portray yourself online? Are you maintaining a professional presence? How should you go about finding out what your personal brand is? How will you distribute your brand?

I am currently reading Brand Simple by Allen P. Adamson. This book reads like a novel and makes brands and branding exactly how it states: Simple. One of the basic principles in finding your brand outlined by the book is the DREK model: Difference, Relevance, Esteem and Knowledge. I wanted to take a look at the model and see how it applies to myself.

Difference: Difference is all about finding what it is about your brand that sets you apart. What do you do better than others? Why should anyone be interested in your brand? I believe my difference is that fact that I am an insightful and forward thinker. I try to apply new and innovative technologies to traditional initiatives and provide assistance to others who try to do so. I love to learn and have translated that love into staying on top of industry trends.

Relevance: What is relevant about your brand? As a professional in an ever-evolving industry, staying on top of new media and applying them into daily applications helps me stay relevent to the needs of today’s world.

Esteem: What reputation does your brand have on your industry? Because I am a newer addition to the industry, my reputation hasn’t been fully developed as of yet. However, according to HootSuite, I have 26 Klout!

Knowlege: What do others in your industry know about you? As a relatively new addition to the social media and marketing world, I don’t believe there is a ton of knowledge about my brand yet. As I get further into my career, my goal is to change that.

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