My Fave Free Online Resources

February 27, 2011 by Sarah Legg

Keeping up with trends and products in the ever-changing marketing industry isn’t always easy, especially with everything online and updating in real-time. I use a few tools to stay connected and on-top of everything without wasting the majority of my day trying to stay up to date.

Google Reader

Each day, I read approximately 100-150 blogs about marketing, fashion, local news, social media, interior design, food, politics, drink and friends. I use Google Reader to follow each categorized blog to scroll through what I don’t want to read in-depth, “star” items I want to come back to, and share posts and ideas that I find interesting.


I use HootSuite for my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I can easily view direct messages, Twitter search feeds, LinkedIn updates, and my LinkedIn inbox from one place. HootSuite can also be connected with WordPress where you can view blog comments and posts.

Google Alerts

At any given time, I have five or six Google Alerts set up, whether it be to search for my name, my organization, or a project for school. You can set up a Google Alert to send you an email when new stories pop up online about your search term in either real-time or a weekly alert.

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