KC Kids Doc sees positive results in the vast social media ocean

August 9, 2011 by Sarah Legg

I first stumbled upon Dr. Natasha Burgert’s blog (KC Kids Doc) when conducting a random search for healthcare marketing in Kansas City.  What initially pointed me toward her blog was a link from her practice’s website (Pediatric Associates).  The site is easy to read, visually appealing, and invites the user to interact – the number-one rule of web 2.0: two-way conversation. I immediately clicked on the link to Dr. Burgert’s blog from the easy-to-spot link on the clinic’s home page.

Upon subscribing to her blog, I was happy to see that while she doesn’t post every day, she is very consistent with posting (unlike this blogger) and keeps it interesting with diverse topics. Instead of acting as a PR rep for her clinic, Dr. Burgert posts information parents should find helpful such as local vaccination resources, national articles that are worth reading, and everyday parenting tips that, according to her blog, she is “repeatedly asked”, resulting in more face-to-face time with patients. This intimate look at her thoughts and unbridled passion for children’s healthcare makes her patients and their families comfortable having her as their pediatrician.

In the obligatory one year anniversary post, Dr. Burgert reflects on the positive changes and advances she has seen from her social endeavor. In only one year, not only has she opened up her own world to learning about new advances in almost real-time, but she has helped multiple patients’ families make small daily choices that could end up being life-changing decisions, in a good way. The logical progression from this earned trust and online presence is that it has undoubtedly increased the patient roster at her clinic.

Being on the forefront of healthcare online and in social media in Kansas City will help Dr. Burgert achieve her role as a local leader in pediatric medicine. Happy Blog-irthday, KC Kids Doc, I look forward to watching your success into the future!

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