Rawxies: Local entrepreneur uses innovative methods in startup

February 22, 2013 by Sarah Legg

“One down, 23 to go.”

RawxiesAnd so begins a day in the life of local entrepreneur Callie England. Her company, Rawxies, started just a few years ago, but has seen tremendous growth since then.
In 2010, Callie started blogging about her love of raw food and healthy eating. She decided she wanted to bring Rawxies – foxy raw treats – to the masses. Rawxies are a cookie-like snack shaped like hearts that come in flavors like lemon poppy seed, banana nut and mint chocolate chip.
After selling Rawxies online and seeing increased sales for a few months, Callie decided to take the plunge and moved to Northern California to start her company. For 15 months, she grew the brand and decided it was time to build her own manufacturing facility and the best place to do so was back at home – right here in Kansas City. The company also produces t-shirts with cheeky sayings like “Stop eating Crap” and “Kansas City has Heart” – an allusion to the heart-shaped Rawxies.

Micah Canfield proudly displays one of Rawxies' t-shirts.

Micah Canfield proudly displays one of Rawxies’ t-shirts.

Beginning in January, Callie, along with her partners in crime Micah Canfield and Christine Heggestad, made necessary improvements to their new space in Kansas City’s Northeast side. They bought what equipment they needed and earlier this week started production in the new facility.
Each week, Callie and her team roll out 27,000 packages of Rawxies for their ever-growing market base of local coffee shops such as Filling Station and Westport Coffee House; national wholesale accounts; and startups that provide treats for their employees. She has plans to attend Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif. on March 7-10.
As the face of the company, Callie has followed the principle highlighted by Harvard Business Review article “Entrepreneurs: You’re More Important Than Your Business Plan” of the entrepreneur being more important than the business plan and “where resilience trumps planning and energy trumps experience.” She has demonstrated the key lessons learned by other small businesses following modern approaches to starting up:
▪ Purpose and passion: Callie’s love for raw foods and good eating drove her business planning and success
▪ Perspective and resilience: Callie has successfully navigated the certain hurdles all small business owners face on a regular basis, and she continues to do so
▪ Point of entry and leadership: Callie is taking advantage of her strong network and availability of resources for entrepreneurs in Kansas City
▪ Power source and resource magnetism: As a genuine person with great ideas and passion, Callie has the personality to attract the right people in her life that will help her realize her dream.
As Rawxies grows and Callie uses her developed skills as an entrepreneur, it will be exciting to see where she takes her passion.
For more information about Rawxies, visit http://www.rawxies.com.

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